End-of-life expenses such as funerals and burials can cost up to $2,500 for an infant, and most parents are not prepared for this expense.

Upon approval, Angel Names Association can provide financial assistance for end-of-life expenses and counseling services for U.S. families of stillborn children.




The Securing End-of-Life Expenses (SEOLE), pronounced “soul,” program provides needy families assistance with autopsy, funeral, burial and cremation expenses. If approved, funding is sent to the service provider (i.e. funeral home), not directly to the family. Families complete a brief “REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE” form indicating their needs.


Families seeking therapeutic intervention can request assistance through the Grief Recovery Assistance Program (GRASP), which provides funding for uninsured and underinsured families pursuing counseling services to work through the grief of stillbirth. Families complete a brief “REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE” form indicating their needs.


ANA CARE CARDS© are designed to help families, friends and coworkers in their attempts at supporting families of stillborn children. These pocket-sized cards provide suggestions for what to say, and what not to say, when helping loved ones face the tragedy of stillbirth and infant death. Available in both English and Spanish.



MEMORY BOXES               

ANA, in partnership with the nonprofit Bridging People and Places, distributes MEMORY BOXES to area hospitals. The boxes are given to families of stillborn babies upon delivery at the hospital. These keepsake boxes contain comfort items such as handmade baby blankets, hand and footprint materials, handmade bag for baby’s lock of hair, journal, photo album, and an angel bear.


ANA offers free programs to educate the public and service providers about grief related to infant death. The presentation first addresses the psychological issues of bereavement, explains the stages of grief, and provides information about grief and mourning issues specific to infant death. It then provides practical applications designed specifically for the audience. Employers and employees learn how to create a work environment that is simultaneously productive and supportive for both the grieving family and coworkers. Funeral directors learn how to structure their end-of-life services to meet the needs of bereaved parents. Healthcare providers learn how to provide services that address the unique needs of families who must endure birth and death simultaneously. And friends and family learn how to support those who have endured a miscarriage or stillbirth.

ANA’s Grief Education Program is approved by the NYS Department of Health for one CEU for funeral directors.

To request this free program contact ANA at or (518) 654-2411.




An important goal of ANA is to raise money for stillbirth research. ANA believes research will lead to a better understanding, and a decrease in the occurrence of stillbirth. ANA dispersed its first RESEARCH GRANT in February 2008.