About ANA

Angel Names Association (ANA) was founded in May of 2001 by Michelle and George Mosca, six months after the stillbirth of their firstborn son, Nicholas.

For the Moscas, Nicholas’ death underscored the need for financial resources and supportive programs for bereaved families.

ANA’s programs are designed to ease the financial burden imposed by stillbirth, provide supportive programs and services for families enduring the trauma of stillbirth, and raise money for stillbirth research.

Although ANA’s primary focus is on stillbirth, several of its programs are designed for families who endure miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death.



The Angel Names Association is a nonprofit, 501(C)(3), charitable organization dedicated to assisting families of stillborn children through programs designed to provide financial assistance for end-of-life expenses and counseling services, and funding for stillbirth research.



ANA is a member of the Council of Community Services of New York State (CCSNYS), a 501(C)(3) membership-based, mission-driven, statewide association of diverse charitable nonprofit organizations.

ANA is also a member of the International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA), a nonprofit coalition of organizations dedicated to understanding the causes and prevention of stillbirth. The ISA’s mission is to raise awareness, educate on recommended precautionary practices and facilitate research on the prevention of stillbirth. ISA serves as a centralized resource for sharing information and connecting organizations and individuals.